If you want to learn the secret of losing weight using a meal replacement diet - without regaining the weight after initial loss - than try our Slim4Life unique programme. If you are unable to attend one of our venues in Torrevieja - we are now offering online coaching sessions. Why struggle alone? Support along the weight loss route, has been proven to be the answer. We will design a programme specifically for your needs and guide you along the way. The initial programme will include all the information you need to get started in the correct way and then our weekly appointments will keep you motivated and losing weight. Contact us for more information. €20 is payable per month

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Our unique weight loss programme was initially designed when Exante Diet was a newly formed company and was tried and tested on many clients in the UK.

Meal Replacement diets have a bad reputation - lose weight - start eating - regain all the weight - plus more.

This Slim4Life programme, does initially use Exante Meal Replacement products - or if you are in another country - substitute products that are available in your country. 

The programme is designed to lose weight quickly, but with the addition of certain foods - the weight loss continues but the client is eating more along the way - so in the end - the weight is lost and the body is used to food - so the normal shock to the body - from a very low calorie diet to a normal eating programme - with our Slim4Life secret - is avoided.

If you are tired of the yo-yo system, despairing of ever being slim, dreading the summer, feeling tired and depressed, but cannot get in person to our clinics, then try our on line coaching.  From the privacy of your own home we will conduct a very professional appointment with you and set a weekly time that will suit you.

All notes from each counselling session will be sent to you after each session.

Join our successful Slim4Lifers now.  You will never regret this life changing opportunity.