Why Shapemaster Toning Beds?


Powertone + Pilates

The Powertone + Pilates range of toning tables are power assisted and help lengthen, strengthen and tone the body without any stress or strain on the body or its muscles by incorporating three unique systems in one, using the magic of continuous passive motion (CPM), isokinetics, plus the special Pilates techniques to help work your body smart, not hard!

The Pilates method concentrates on strengthening the deep postural muscles and re-addressing muscle imbalance.  By doing so, it increases flexibility and strength whilst improving posture and body awareness.

The Powertone + Pilates machines will put you in the perfect position to exercise without causing stress to the body while completing the movement for you, so you can engage your core and concentrate on breathing techniques making the exercise more effective.

Regain your core and more!!