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Specialised  Weight Management -
Weight Loss Coaching with Support and Motivation. We have a full range of top brand Weight Loss Replacement products to ensure we are able to offer our clients a full package that is EU compliant in Spain.

Slim4Life now incorporates the best selling Meal Replacement range, EU compliant from  NEW YOU.

How It Works
What is Slim4Life with  New You?  
Slim4Life and New You diet plans are simple, flexible and work for you. We have a range of diet plans for you, suited for whether you are looking to drop a dress size, tone up or change your eating habits for good!

Want to lose weight? 
Substitute up to 3 meals a day with our nutritious meal replacement products that give your body all the essential vitamins and minerals to support a healthy diet. Individual programmes are designed Especially for each client at no extra charge. 

Want to tone up? 
Each MEAL REPLACEMENT product is high in protein, low carb and packed full of fiber, perfect for gym bunnies looking for a convenient post-workout snack.

How it works

Simple, convenient and works for you...

You choose which plan will suit your needs:-

Total Solution

  • Fast and effective weight loss: average 2-5 st weight loss*
  • Simply replace traditional meals with 4 or 5 NEW YOU  meal replacement products a day and either a 4th products or a snack 
  • Choose from 75 different delicious flavours of shakes, bars, soups and meals 
  • 2, 4 or 6 week plans


Flexi Solution

A flexible plan designed to help you support and maintain a healthy diet. 

  • 1200 calorie flexible diet
  • Combines fresh and healthy meals with Slim4Life products
  • Perfectly balanced low calorie recipes
  • Choose from 75 different delicious flavours of shakes, bars, soups and meals

Safe & trusted

  • Compliant with NICE guidelines
  • Compliant with EU regulations
  •  Alicante customer service
  •  Trusted by 1,000s of customers