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Exante Weight Management - Weight Loss Coaching with Support and Motivation

How It Works
What is Exante?  Exante diet plans are simple, flexible and work for you. We have a range of diet plans for you, suited for whether you are looking to drop a dress size, tone up or change your eating habits for good!

Want to lose weight? 
Substitute up to 3 meals a day with our nutritious meal replacement products that give your body all the essential vitamins and minerals to support a healthy diet.

Want to tone up? 
Each Exante product is high in protein, low carb and packed full of fibre, perfect for gym bunnies looking for a convenient post-workout snack.

How it works

Simple, convenient and works for you...

You choose which plan will suit your needs:-

Total Solution

  • Fast and effective weight loss: average 2-5 st weight loss*
  • Simply replace traditional meals with 3 Exante meal replacement products a day and either a 4th product or a snack 
  • Less than 220 calories per meal
  • Choose from 75 different delicious flavours of shakes, bars, soups and meals 
  • 2, 4 or 6 week plans


Flexi Solution

A flexible plan designed to help you support and maintain a healthy diet. 

  • 1200 calorie flexible diet
  • Combines fresh and healthy meals with Exante products
  • Perfectly balanced low calorie recipes
  • Choose from 75 different delicious flavours of shakes, bars, soups and meals

Safe & trusted

  • Compliant with NICE guidelines
  • Compliant with EU regulations
  •  Alicante customer service
  •  Trusted by 1,000s of customers

To suit you and your lifestyle

Slim4Life - weight management with a personal coach


Exante Meal Replacements. Weight Loss Coaching is the "secret" ingredient

Slim4Life - weight management with a personal coach


  • Calle Avilés, El Chaparral, Spain
  • San Luis Commercio Local 8


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  •  03/18/2020 01:23 PM
  •   Calle Santago de Compostela, Doña Pepa Quesada

Our spacious new SHAPE4LIFE WITH SHAPEMASTER toning studio is now open in Dona Pepa, Quesada. Under the management of Lynn Preston, we are now taking new bookings for our circuit.

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  •  02/09/2020 11:56 AM
  •   Calle Aviles, Sa Luis Comercio Local 8, San Luis, Torrevieja

Phone or email for your free 3 machine trial. Lose inches an tone up the easy , affordable way.

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  •  09/11/2019 03:26 PM - 12/19/2019 08:23 PM

Now Slim4Life is available in San Javier and Murcia. Join Amanda - who herself has lost all her excess weight and is excited to show YOU how to lose weight and be Slim4Life.

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  •  06/30/2019 07:59 PM - 01/30/2020 07:58 PM

If you are not local to Torrevieja, but need help with your weight loss, join our on-line coaching programme and we will assist you from the comfort of your home to lose your weight, but more importantly to keep it off.

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  •  01/22/2019 12:39 PM - 12/23/2019 12:39 PM
  •   San Luis Comercio Local 8

Private and small group consultations. I am a registered Weight Loss Coach and specialise in assisting clients who have in the past never been successful at remaining Slim4Life. Full programme, including supply of Meal Replacement Products or menu planning together with full Weight Loss Coaching programme.

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SHAPE4LIFE SAN LUIS - our  studio opened in December 2019.  
Initially our purpose was for our valued Slim4Life clients who are losing weight, to use the Shapemaster Toning Beds to tone up and aid their weight loss.
However, due to unprecedented demand we have now opened the Toning Circuit to new clients as well.

Our lovely, air conditioned studio has the full Shapemaster circuit of toning beds plus if clients would like to use a vibrating plate , this is also available - at no extra cost.

Situated at San Luis Comercio centre, San Luis Lakeside, there is easy parking.
We are also offer once a month beauty therapy with the fabulous Jane. On a Saturday Jane will work magic with her hands - with massages to suite your needs.


Or email us: shape4life.es@gmail.com

Shape with Shapemaster

Why Shapemaster Toning Beds?

Why Shapemaster Toning Beds?

If you Hate to go to a gym, but realise how vital it is to keep your body moving and toned - then Shape4Life.es is the ideal solution for you.

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Shape4Life Toning Circuit

Shape4Life Toning Circuit

Tone in a short time. Listen to music and let the machines do the major work. Meet new friends in a very friendly, sociable environment. We care for our clients.

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Shapemaster and Shape4Life



We are authorised distributors of the MyProtein range of vitamins and supplements.

MyProtein , distributed by Slim4LIfe.es, is a leading sports nutrition brand, delivering a range of quality products including protein powder, vitamins and minerals, high-protein foods and snack alternatives.
Founded in 2004, Myprotein is now Europe’s No. 1 Supplement supplier.